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NMR(400MHz - Bruker) Spectrometer

* NMR Service Charges has been revised
NMR Service Request Form

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, a spectroscopic method with most fascinating theoretical basis, and related spectroscopic instruments are indispensible part of basic and applied research. High resolution NMR is one of the most important tools for the elucidation of complex molecular structure. It is also used as an excellent analytical tool in the broad area of chirotechnology.

Determination of absolute configuration, enantiomeric purity determination, designing of molecules capable of NMR discrimination and quantify the magnitude of host-guest interaction adopting NMR titrimetric methods are some of the recent thrust areas of interest which utilises NMR Instrument.

Nuclei M. G. University Campus Other Educational Institutions and Universities Commercial Organizations
With Solvent Without Solvent
H1 50 150 275 900
C13(Up to one hour) 75 150 275 900
Each additional ½ an hour 100 100 100 400
2D & any special NMR experiment   500 500 1000
*The above charges are applicable only for CDCl3 solvent. For all other solvents an additional charge of Rs.250/- will be levied per sample.

Samples should be submitted along with the prescribed request form duly filled. The D.D should be send in favour of Coordinator, Institute Development Fund, IIRBS, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam.

Only pure samples will be accepted for analysis.

Generally spectrometer time is booked in advance. Data will be posted to individual users through email.

After experiment the used sample tube should be cleaned and returned back. In case of any damage, the tube should be replaced.

Acknowledgement must be made for the service in the publications.

Acknowledgement must be made for the service in the publications.


* The sample should be thoroughly tested for solubility as the deuterated solvents are expensive. Additional fee may be charged for any change (after trial) from the suggested solvent.