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Institute for Integrated Programmes and Research in Basic Sciences (IIRBS)

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Workshop on "Computational Chemistry", 19th - 24th June 2017

Dr. Anoop A (IIT Kharagpur), Dr.Sajeev Y (BARC Mumbai), Dr.Balanarayanan (IISER Mohali), Dr.Gopakumar G (IGCAR Kalpakkam), Dr.C.H. Suresh (NIIST Thiruvananthapuram), Dr.Padmesh (IIT Palakkad), Dr.C.N. Ramachandran (IIT Roorkey), Dr.P. Parameswaran (NIT Calicut) , Dr.Susmita De (NIT Calicut), Dr.D.Usharani (CSIR-CFTRI Mysore)

Enrichment Lecture on “ Kinetics and catalysis”, 24 th – 28 th April 2017

Prof. Radha V. Jayaram (ICT, Mumbai)

Workshop on "EPR & NMR Spectroscopy" 3rd - 8th April 2017

Prof. S. Subramanian(IIT, Madras)

Workshop on "Free & Open Source Software for Academia" - 17.02.2017

Sri. Satish Babu(President, InApp Information Technologies ISOC/ICANN/IEEE/InApp/CSI)

Lecture on "Hetrocyclic Chemistry" - 16.02.2017

Prof. Keith Smith(Cardiff University,UK)

Lecture on "Excitements in Natural Products Chemistry" - 11.02.2017

Prof. Manfred Schneider(Germany), Prof. J. S. Yadhav(IICT, Hyderabad)

Lecture on "High Performance Liquid chromatography(HPLC),7th - 21st February 2017.

Prof. Hassan Aboul-Enein Y. (Dept. of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry , National Research Centre , Egypt)

Lecture on "Boron based organic chemistry",17th January - 08th February 2017.

Prof. Bakthan Singaram (Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry - University of California, California)

SERB - DST Expert Committee Meeting, 4th - 6th January 2017


International Symposium on ”Concurrent Methodologies in Organic Synthesis” - 13.02.2016

2010 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi, Purdue University, USA

Flash Chromatography - One day instrumentation workshop - 22.06.2015

Mr. P. Shekhar(Application Specialist, Heidolph)

“Workshop on skill generation in traditional arts and Sciences” - 13.06.2015

Prof(Dr.) M. K. Nampoothiri

Lecture on "Organic Chemistry" 9th -11th March 2015

Prof. David Knight(Cardiff University,UK)

Lecture on " Organic Chemistry " - 31.03.2015

Dr. Dilip Davale(University of Pune)

Lecture on " Organic Synthesis" - 5th & 6th January 2015

Dr. S. Chandra Sekhar

DST - PAC (Young Scientist - Chemistry) - 16th & 17th January 2015


National Workshop on "NMR Spectroscopy", 10th - 13th September 2014.

Prof. C. L. Khetrapal (CBMR, Lucknow)
Prof. S. Subramanian (IISER, Trivandrum)
Prof. N. Chandrakumar (IIT, Madras)
Prof. S. Ganapathy (NCL, Pune)
Prof. Sankararaman (IIT, Madras)
Prof. I. N. N. Namboothiri (IIT, Mumbai)
Dr. Raghav G Mavinkurve (Bruker, Bangalore)
Dr. Vinesh vijayan (IISER, Trivandrum)
Dr. Christy George (IIT, Madras)

Lecture series on "Liquid Chromatography", 9th - 18th December 2013.

Prof. Alain Berthod (Institute des Sciences Analytiques, Universite de Lyon - France)

Workshop on High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), 4th & 5th November 2013.

Dr. V. Gaitonde (Scientist, Prochrome Ltd.,Mumbai)
Prof. Hassan Aboul-Enein Y. (Dept. of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry , National Research Centre , Egypt)
Prof. Imran Ali (Jamia Millia Islamia - Central University, New Delhi)

Lecture on "High Performance Liquid chromatography(HPLC),4th - 12th November 2013.

Prof. Hassan Aboul-Enein Y. (Dept. of Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry , National Research Centre , Egypt)

Workshop on High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), 30th April – 2nd May 2013.

Dr.Gurubsavaraj H.M.(Waters, Bangalore)

Workshop on "Nuclear Magnetic Resonance : Theory and Application", 24th - 26th January 2013.

Dr. S. Ragothama
Dr. Hanudatta S Atreya
Prof. K.V. Ramanathan
Prof. N. Suryaprakash
(NMR Research Centre - Bangalore)

Lecture on "Boron based organic chemistry",7th - 19th January 2013.

Prof. Bakthan Singaram(Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry - University of California, California)

Lecture on "Boron and Gadolinium Neutron Capture Therapy for cancer treatment",16th-17th December 2012.

Prof. Narayan S Hosmane (Dept. Of chemistry & Biochemistry - Northern IIIionis University, USA)

Lecture on "Organometalic and Bio-inorganic Chemistry",10th-14th December 2012

Prof. Anil J. Elias (Dept. of Chemistry - IIT Delhi)

Lecture on "Structural Topology Optimization with applications in structural engineering and biomechanics",12th December 2012.

Prof. Helder Rodrigues (Instituto Superior Tecnioco, Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, Libon, Portugal)

Symposium on "Thoughts on Traditional and Genome based Human History" 6th November, 2012.

Prof. Rjan Gurukkal (Former Vice Chancellor, M. G. University)
DR. R. M. Pitchappan (Director,CARE, Chennai)
Shri. E. Kunjikkrishnan (Univeristy College, TVM)
Dr. M. R. Rakhava Warrior (Rtd. Professor, Calicut University)

Advanced Materials Characterization Techniques, May 21st - 25th,2012

Prof. K. G. Suresh (IIT, Mumbai)
Prof. Unnikrishnan Nayar (IISER, Trivandrum)
Dr. Manoj Ramavarma(NIIST, Trivandrum)

Seminar on Research and Development in Chemical Process Development, 22nd Sept.,2012

Prof. S. D. samanth, ICT, Mumbai

Application of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in scientific research.,10th Sept.2012

Prof. K.V. Ramanathan, IISc, Bangalore

Seminar on Metal Mediated Organic Synthesis, 4th Sept.2012

Prof. I.N.N. Namboothiri, Dept. Chemistry, IIT Delhi

Patenting research findings, 10th August.,2012

Dr. Syriac Joseph, Palco consultants, UK

Seminar – A review on Renewable Energy Technologies, 17th July., 2012

Dr. P. J. Sebastian, senior Scientist, CIE, UNAM, Mexico.

Talk - Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Industry, 24th April, 2012

Prof. K. K. Balasubramaniam, IIT Madras (Retd.)

Seminar on Application of two dimensional NMR in the structural elucidation of biomolecule.

Dr. Vineesh vijayan, IISER, TVM

Workshop on "Computational Chemistry", May 28th - 31st, 2012

Prof.R. B. Sunoj (IIT, Mumbai)
Prof. Nisanth N. Nair (IIT, Kanpur)

Workshop on "Advanced Materials Characterization Techniques", 21st - 25th May, 2012

Prof. V. Unnikrishnan Nayar, IISER, Trivandrum
Dr. S. Savitha Pillai, DST Fast track Research Scientist, NIIST, Trivandrum
Dr. Manoj Raama Varma, Principal Scientist, NIIST, Trivandrum
Prof. K.G.Suresh, Department of Physics, IIT, Mumbai

Science Academies' Lecture Workshop -"Quantum Mechanics, Molecular -Resonance Spectroscopy And Hands-On Experience in Spectroscopy", March 1st – 3rd, 2012

Prof.(Dr.)M.S Gopinathan (IISER ,Trivandrum)
Prof.(Dr.)Ramasesha (IISc, Bangalore)
Prof.(Dr.)K.L. Sebastian (IISc, Bangalore)
Prof.(Dr.)N. Chandrakumar (IIT, Madras)
Prof.(Dr.)Mangala Sunder K. (IIT, Madras)
Prof.(Dr.)T. N. Vasudevan (Calicut University)
Dr. Ayan Dutta (IISER, Trivandrum)
Dr. Christy George (IIT, Madras)

English Language Skill Workshop, December 22nd – 23rd, 2011

District Centre for English (DCE - Neyyattinkara)

Seminar on "Genetic Structure of Indian Jewish Diaspora", October 27th – 28th, 2011

Dr. Mini Kariappa, Dept. Anatomy, Medical college, Kolencherry

Workshop on "Organometallic and Bio-Iinorganic Chemistry", August 23rd - 26th, 2011

Prof.Anil J. Elias (IIT Delhi)

Workshop on "Basic Principles and applications of Computational Chemistry", May 23rd - 27th, 2011

Prof. R.B. Sunoj(IIT Mumbai)
Prof. A.Anoop(IIT Kharagpur)
Prof. Ayan Dutta(IISER Trivandrum)

Conferences and Erudite Programs attended by Students

Lecture on Remote sensing satellites

Dr. P. V Sasi

Nobel Laureate 2008 Lecture on Green fluorescent protein

Dr. Roger Y. Tsien

Non enzymatic catalysis, a promising tool in the synthesis of biologically active compounds

Prof. Henri B Kagan

Cosmological Hypothesis

Prof. Moncy V.John

Active Galactic nucleus and cosmic microwave background Radiation

Prof. Ishwar Chandra

Radio Astronomy in India

Prof. Gopal Krishna

Philosophy of Science

Prof. S. DeshPande


Dr. Shereen Ratnakkar

Erudite Programs

Recent trends in chemical sciences

Dr. Prasad L Polavarappu

Introduction to Theoretical chemistry

Dr. Prasad L Polavarappu

Classical and Quantum mechanics.

Dr. Prasad L Polavarappu

Introduction to Molecular spectroscopy.

Dr. Prasad L Polavarappu

Introduction to Chiral molecules and Chiroptical

Dr. Prasad L Polavarappu


Dr. Prasad L Polavarappu

Chiroptical Spectroscopy – Electronic transitions.

Dr. Prasad L Polavarappu

Chirotiacl Spectroscopy – Vibrational transitions

Dr. Prasad L Polavarappu

Application to Chiral molecular structure determination.

Dr. Prasad L Polavarappu

Green Fluorescent protein development and Future

Prof. Roger Y Tsien

Nitric Oxide: Uses and application

Prof. Ferid Murad

Protein Crystallography and method

Prof. Robert Huber

Proteins and their relevance

Prof. Robert Huber